Website Audit Services

A website audit takes a detailed examination of your website and suggests the opportunities to optimize the website resulting in achieving business objectives. A website includes a thorough check of website functionality from both user and robots perspective, content, UI, and UX, paid, and social channels optimization.

Our website audit includes the following:

Identity and audit paid campaign opportunities including search, shopping, and social networks
Identify organic traffic building opportunities through Search Engine (search engine optimization)
Identify organic traffic building opportunities through Social Networks
Conversion rate optimization
Landing page improvement suggestions
Site architecture
Link building (internal & external)
Lead capture and nurturing (Marketing Automation)
E-mail marketing (suggestions to improve open and click rates)
Content Review

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Why should you get an Website Audit done?

Todays websites are complicated: there are online widgets and tools, LMS modules, video integration, forums, and thousands of content or product pages.In a functional website with decent traffic, developers and testers runs into issues every day. However they may not recognise or prioritise business oriented issues which can impact profitability. A website audit will check for such issues which can directly impact usability, and conversions.

Is your website fast? Slow load times reduce visitors as well as conversions.

Is your website secure? HTTPs is preferred, and is ranking factor for SEO

Does your website has good content? A detailed content keeps visitor engaged

Is site architecture effective? Linking to all relevant product pages is a necessity

Is lead form implemented? Ensure visitor details are captured and add them to nurture list

There are many such optimisation opportunities which will gradually contribute to conversions.

In our website audit, we also do a through analysis of Adwords, and Facebook Advertising. We bring you the recommendations on best practices like:

Leveraging Audiences to reach to your most valuable visitors

Adding similar and lookalike audiences to extend reach to new customers

Reviewing performance of search vs partners, mobile vs desktop

Leveraging demographics data to power campaigns

The content either on blog or product pages need to be different and detailed. The content should be valuable to audiences with a clear defined structure for visitors to skim different content sections.

Our content review will check the existing content effectiveness, keyword usage, and link/lead opportunities.