SEO Audit Services

SEO Audit Services

Seo Audit Services

Our SEO Audit will provide all the recommendations needed to rank your website on Google. SEO has evolved, the old school techniques like keyword spamming, getting quantitative back-links do not work anymore.

Our SEO Audit will involve the latest yet powerful methods to get your website on Google, and other search engines which include:

Site Architecture

Information architecture is important to understand the flow of content to different sections of the website. The product or services pages and all other important sections of the website should be easily connected from the home page or navigation should be smooth. Similarly, high traction pages should point to critical pages of the website. We do a manual audit to figure out the site architecture flow.

Crawling and Accessibility

If Google spider is not able to access and crawl the pages or sections of website, those pages will not be indexed. It is important to point out clearly to spiders on which version of website to crawl(https vs http).You also want your product and services pages to be indexed, not the admin or the receipt pages. There can also be lots of pages which may not be crawled, and as such, you may be missing out on valuable traffic. The most important aspect of SEO is to first ensure which website pages should be crawled and have Google and other search engine bots crawl these pages.

Website Technical Performance

We can quote so many statistics on visitor behavior and website speed. Speed is a direct ranking factor for SEO. It is a given to improve website speed not only for SEO but also for visitors staying on your website. A website technical performance SEO audit would include (not exhaustive):

Recommendations to improve website speed
Mobile Vs Desktop Performance
Link audit including redirects, http to https
, and 404 errors, link building opportunities
Robots.txt validity and sitemap check
Canonical set up
And more

Content Performance

Content is an integral part of website SEO efforts. A website with good crawlable content will definitely index on Google. As a part of our content performance audit, we check the following:

Content strength- is the content too thin or has the appropriate length?
Headlines- Does your content have powerful, clickable headlines?
Keywords- Does your content has performing keywords? Sometimes few modifications can help rank better for broadened reach
Validating Titles and Description
Resolving Duplicate content

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a SEO Audit for a new website?

New websites can benefit a lot from an SEO audit. It is imperative for new website pages to be crawled and then indexed. That is where robots.txt and xml sitemap comes in to give a directive to search engines to crawl product pages and other key sections. New websites if built on CMS also face a lot of poor URL structure and duplicate page issues along with internal linking challenges. An SEO audit will fix all such issues and lay out a proper roadmap so that pages are indexed, and follow the best practices.

Do I need a SEO Audit for an established website?

More often times than not, established websites rank well because they have built domain authority over time and Google Search Engine recognizes it. However, with proper optimization, there can be a significant improvement in rankings and eventually an increase in organic traffic. Some of these optimizations include website performance (including speed), schema implementation, content analysis, social integration, and more.

What access SeoCodex need to begin audit?

To begin the audit, we initially will need access to Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Most of the other SEO tasks will be done by third party software and tools with a thorough analysis and implementation guideline provided by a certified expert.

What is included in a typical website audit?

Our website audit is customised to every website. You will never find same template based reports. Each SEO report is unique to its clients and includes the following (not exhaustive):
Website Performance (identifying page speed issues like render-blocking, optimizing image size, desktop vs mobile performance)
Accessibility (spiders are able to access and read website information. Includes activities like validating robots.txt, XML sitemap, proper schema implementation)
On-page issues (properly sequenced heading tags, title, and description optimization)
Content Analysis (proper use of keywords, click worthy headlines, content quality, identifying duplicate content)
Link Analysis: Internal linking is integral to having a great navigation between pages and passing link juice, identifying broken links, backlink profile etc.

How much does it cost to get SEO Audit done?

Our SEO Audit price ranges from $99 to $499 based on website size, and services required.

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