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Before you begin search engine optimization or running paid campaigns, the critical task is to find keywords that visitors may use to find product ...
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This course gives you ins and outs of Facebook advertising. Learn to create audiences, bid types, and run ads on Facebook and its owned network. &n...
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Learn to run search, display and shopping campaigns on Google Adwords. Includes Bing advertising too! (Coming Soon)
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Retargeting website visitors? Avoid these costly mistakes!

Retargeting on Google: Avoid these costly mistakes This pandemic has created a great many challenges, and after gaining a few pounds (actually more than a few), I decided to get back on track and start a workout regimen. And I was in the market to try whey protein. So I went to one of the [...]

How to conduct Google Ads Audit

How to conduct Google Ads Audit As businesses are consolidating and preparing for the post-covid world, it is critical to ensure that advertising dollars are strategically spent for the best returns. Performing a PPC audit will ensure that you are tracking and attributing revenue from paid channels correctly, and find the missing opportunities to improve [...]

Pre-requisites before advertising on Facebook

In order to run ads on Facebook, there are a few things to get started. Although they can be done later as well, but doing first will lead to easy set up of Facebook ads. Facebook Ads Manager or Business Manager To run ads on Facebook, you can do so by either registering for ads [...]

Run ads on Facebook in 5 steps

Facebook is the most popular social platform and it gives brands a great opportunity to advertise and reach the audience. If you have used Facebook, you must have seen ads in your timeline like the example below: If “sponsored” is mentioned, it means an ad is getting served. If you want to run ads on [...]

Migrating a WordPress website from http to https

A lot has been said over the past years about migrating your website to a secure protocol. Unless you are writing for fun and have simple blog, migrating to https is a no brainer. Moving to https helps in search engine optimization efforts. It also creates trust signals for your visitors as a secure padlock [...]

7 Digital Marketing tools for your new website/business:

Google Analytics: This is the most critical tool for your business, and is absolutely free. Get insights of your visitors, total sessions, unique users, average time spend on page, bounce rate and more. Leverage the tool to power your marketing strategies as this tool will tell you traffic sources and exit paths. Implement ecommerce tracking […]

How to find and fix canonical errors for e-commerce website

How to find and fix canonical errors for e-commerce website If you have ever worked with e-commerce website development, then you would have noticed that there are a huge number of product pages. And more times than not, duplicate URLs are created with same content. As such, canonical tag is used to tell Google spiders […]

Set up Google Analytics on your website

Basics: Set up Google Analytics on your website If you are setting up your first website, one of the basic things which must be done is to install Google analytics script on your website. Google Analytics is a power tool that will do more than you can think of. Here are some stats that you […]

Introduction to Digital Marketing

First steps into Digital Marketing (for students, beginners and entrepreneurs) Digital marketing is vast, and there are clearly too many things to learn. That is why, most professionals choose a sub-field to start with and then continue their journey across the other fields of digital marketing. This guide will help you in recognizing how digital […]

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