Google Ads Management

SeoCodex is an ROI-focused online search engine marketing agency having a deep understanding of how Google ads algorithm works and powered by marketing specialists having 10+ years of Adwords platform experience who can leverage it for helping client business grow manifold.

With the competition getting intense, the average cost per click is increasing, and it is critical to drive relevant clicks from prospective customers. A lot of money is wasted because of poor targeting. We can tell you that because we have seen it while auditing and optimizing Google ad accounts.

We help clients maximize results by implementing data-driven and advanced techniques to get the most out of your budget. We do not set up campaigns and sleep ever after. We work on campaigns daily and look for optimization to deliver you the best results. A penny saved is a penny invested back into the account to get more results.

When you choose us, you will:

  1. Decrease your cost per lead
  2. Get better quality leads
  3. Scale-up account
  4. Get data-based Insights

Google Ads Management Next Steps:

We start with an online meeting trying to understand your business needs, goals, and challenges. Our endeavor is to get a sense of your business, and how we as a digital marketing agency can help you grow your business.

If you have an e-commerce business, we try to understand how you are currently placed and which campaigns can help you bring customers by showcasing products in the right places.

If you are a lead-based business, we understand business measures like total leads, cost per lead, etc, and ensure that you get not only more leads but also at a lower cost and additionally ensure that you get the right leads and not multiple submissions  (unless it’s required).

Here we set the ball rolling.

After our initial meeting, we prepare a bespoke business proposal. Herein we define your objectives (KPIs), Adwords campaigns, competitor insights, and layout a proposal that will help your business grow. We will maximize results within your same budget.




When starting advertising with Google, and even in already set-up accounts, we have seen poor account structures. We fix that by restructuring account(s) in proper campaigns and having the relevant ad groups, proper keyword match types within those campaigns. This helps in scaling up the relevant campaigns to a much higher level when the results start coming in.

To say the least, we work with you to set up or verify conversions(tracking performance); we work on Adwords to set up campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, ad extensions, and more.

The work does not end after writing ad copies, the performance improvement begins there. We add all the relevant extensions, optimize keywords (add negatives), tweak ad copies, add different audience segments, audit search vs partners, mobile vs desktop performance, and leverage all the possible optimization available to us to take your account to the next level. We do a regular account check-up and optimization.

Our reporting is a bit different from others. We not only share performance reports of the account but also insist on having regular meetings. Why? As we run your account, there are insights gathered not only through Adwords where we recommend you ways to scale up but also on your back-end where your feedback can help improve the account further.

Google Ads: FAQs

What is Adwords?

Adwords is Google (Alphabet) online advertising platform that enables individuals and businesses to run ads on Google’s search engine, search networks, and publisher partners. A business can bid on keywords in its domain, showcase its advertisement and attract relevant audiences to its website or app. Adwords follow pay-per-click model which means that business is charged only if a click occurs on the ad.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the search terms used by people to find information. The information can be on a product or service. Using the right keywords ensures that your brand is placed in front of prospective customers.

Is Adwords for big businesses?

Adwords is being leveraged by start-ups, new businesses as well as mid-sized businesses. It is an affordable way to get prospective customers or clients. Also, Adwords can be started with a minimal budget.

How does Google Ads work?

Google is the world’s largest search engine which has an index of millions of websites. When a customer search for any keywords, an advertiser can run a campaign through Adwords to bid on those particular keywords. When a bid is made, it goes in an auction with other advertisers. The bid winners’ ads are then placed on Google’s search engine where a customer can see those ads, and click on them to find a product or service. An advertiser only pays for clicks, and not impressions.

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