Guide: 7 Steps to Set up Bing Shopping Campaign

Bing Shopping has been underrated, as it may not drive the largest volume of visitors. However what clearly makes the case for any business to try Bing Shopping is that spends are not high and returns are usually good. There is strong potential to get good return on investment with Bing Shopping; sometimes also better than the more popular Shopping platforms. This guide will help you in setting up Bing Shopping.


  1. Bing/Microsoft advertising account
  2. URL/domain verification should be done.

In this guide, learn how to set up Bing Shopping campaign in just a few steps.

Step 1: Go to, sign in to your account

Step 2: In the top navigation, go to Tools>Microsoft Merchant Center

Step 3: Click on Create a Store and enter the required info. Be sure to select your primary domain in the destination URL dropdown.

Step 4: Click on your store name, and go to catalog management.

Step 5: Create catalog and connect your feed file with the catalog.

There are 4 options (see screenshot below). We recommend using manual upload as it is simple and allows more control however use any of the methods based on your business requirements. Learn how to create a feed file here.

Step 6: Go back to Campaigns and create a new campaign and choose shopping campaign/sell products from my catalog.

Enter the required info for your campaign. Ad group would be automatically populated.

Step 7: Click on the Ad group, and on the + sign besides all products. Choose to segment by id and add all and save.

This is it! You can now observe each product performance, adjust bids, remove product from shopping campaign.

What has been your experience with Bing Shopping? Share with us in the comment(s) below.

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