Guide: 5 steps to create Google Shopping Product Feed

For beginners, Google Shopping becomes a little complex, as it connects data from Merchant Center and campaign from Adwords. As such, there is need to create a feed in the Merchant Center and more times than not, there are lot of errors which occurs when creating a feed and it takes a while to understand the errors and fix them. This guide will help you in creating product feed correctly for Google Shopping.

Step 1: Head over to and select Products and then Feeds.

Step 2: In the Primary Feeds section, click on the + symbol. Choose the country of Sale and continue to next step. Name your feed and select Google Sheets.

Step 3: Select Generate a new Google Sheet from a template and continue. You will see feed name appear in your primary feeds. Open the sheet.

Step 4: Now fill the required information for your product on the sheet.

Lets look at some of the fields required.

  • ID: Select any unique value since this will identify your product. The best way is to match it with your SKU or GuId.
  • Title: The name of your product. Also add pertinent details, which can add value to your product. (eg: spiral bound book)
  • Description: Information about your product, and specifications.
  • Link: URL of the product page
  • Condition: The condition of your product; is it used, new, or refurbished.
  • Price: The sale price of your product
  • Availability: Is it in stock or available for pre order.
  • Image Link: A URL which shows the product’s image
  • Gtin/mpn: The manufacturer defined unique number for the product
  • Brand: Name of the brand
  • Google Product Category: This is very important information, as Google will use this taxonomy to show your product. Example: Apparel & Accessories > Shoes

Step 5: Save the feed and choose currency in feed settings. Fetch the feed to check any errors are occurring or not.

The complete list of Google Product categories can be found at:

To check out product attributes which can be added, here’s Google official link:

Follow the above steps to successfully create a feed.

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