Run ads on Facebook in 5 steps

Facebook is the most popular social platform and it gives brands a great opportunity to advertise and reach the audience. If you have used Facebook, you must have seen ads in your timeline like the example below:

fb ad

If “sponsored” is mentioned, it means an ad is getting served. If you want to run ads on Facebook, here is a very simple guide to do it in 5 easy steps:


1.Go to, and click on create and choose your campaign objective. For this guide, we will campaign objective as Traffic under Consideration. Choose campaign name and move on to next where we provide ad set details.

2. Under the ad set, choose budget and schedule. Next, you have to choose your audiences, which is really critical step. You can either create custom audience (from your website or followers from Facebook sources) or you can create lookalike audiences (Facebook will generate based on similar traits). If you want to target your website visitors, just use website in sources and create audience. Filter the audience by adding demographic data for more precise targeting.

custom audience

3.In Placements, choose automatic placement if you want to advertise across Facebook and its network (Instagram, Messenger etc). If you want to just advertise on Facebook, choose manual placement and select Facebook. You can also choose device to show your ads on (mobile, desktop or both).

4.Choose delivery method among landing page views, link clicks, daily unique reach, or impressions. The first two delivery methods work great if you want to drive people to website and convert them. The last two are more suited towards making people familiar with your brand. You can also choose to either pay per click or pay based on impressions.

5.Next provide ad details, you can choose to promote existing post from your page or upload image or carousel. Add ad text information, and select landing page where you want people to go to after clicking on your ad. Once done, publish the campaign to take your campaign live.

Read our guide on “Pre-requisites before running Facebook ads” to learn to set up billing information, pixels, and other things which will help you in setting up account for running Facebook ads.

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